Case Studies

Case Studies


The following case studies are prepared based on real situations. The actual names have been changed to preserve confidentiality. The court judgments are re-produced as they are. The articles are from various public media sources. They are meant to explain the problems in an un-planned estate plan, and not for mass re-production.


Case Studies

  1. Effects of Marriage on Estate Distribution Laws in Singapore; “Soon Ah See vs Diao Yanmei.”
  2. Implication of Marriage to Estate & Financial Planning; “Estate of Yeo SH & Ms. Huan HQ”
  3. Effects of Marriage on Life Insurance Laws in Singapore; “Lim Lina v Estate of Quick Cheng Gee”
  4. Effects of Marriage on Property Ownership in Singapore; “Chau Thi Thanh Lang and another v Lo Lai Heng”
  5. Children’s legal position in Estate & Financial Planning; “Mdm Foo EN vs Garry Chee”
  6. If the man is dead, what is the illegitimate child’s position in…; “Liew Oi Yoong v Estate of Tan Koh Tiong”


Court Judgments

  1. Succession & Wills-Trust. “Foo Jee Seng and others v Foo Jhee Tuang and another.”
  2. Insurance – Probate and Administration – Trusts; “Lim Lina v Estate of Quick Cheng Gee, deceased”
  3. Probate and Administration — Intestate Succession — Interpretation of s 3 Intestate Succession Act — Whether Definition of “child” Includes “stepchild”
  4. Statutory Interpretation — Definitions — “child” — Whether Definition includes step-child; “Low Guang Hong David and others v Suryono Wino Goei”


Articles (from Public Media Sources)

  1. “Outstanding debt still need to be paid upon death”, The Straits Times, 16 Apr 2006.
  2. “Company Insurance Payout: No Will No Money”, The Straits Times.
  3. “Bank views death of debtor as default of loan”, The Straits Times, 29 Oct 2006.
  4. “Dead Ferrari driver’s estate valued at S$8.1 million”, Yahoo! Newsroom, 8 Aug 2012.

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