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Case Studies

Some case studies prepared based on real situations, explained the problems in an un-planned estate plan. Articles are not for mass re-production.
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Presumption of Death

If your loved one is given the status “presumed dead”, the family members will not have closure as they do not know whether their loved one is dead or alive.
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You are Cohabiting

Whatever the reason for your cohabitation, estate planning is very important if both of you really care for each other.
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You are a homosexual

As a homosexual, if you are in a serious relationship with your partner, then you need to plan very carefully for the future.
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You are a Muslim

Islam is not only a religion; it is also a social-economic-political system. Therefore, to a Muslim, Islam is a way of life. Understand and appreciate certain Islamic estate planning ideas.
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You have assets overseas

With having assets overseas, there are serious estate planning issues to think through, and it is natural that most of these foreign assets promoters do not like to talk about such things.
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